“I was blown away by how passionate and involved everyone was”. This was just few of the amazing words David Starkweather explained to me about the YP Summit. Starkweather, a first year participant, got to enjoy his first YP Summit in person before going virtual this year.

Moving from Florida back to his home state of Nebraska, Starkweather wanted to reach out and build connections with those in Omaha. “I was new to the area and wanted to break into some new relationships with professionals in Omaha,” explains Starkweather. He wanted to piece things together to see where he can excel in the future.

Looking at the future of the Summit, Starkweather explained to me about how the breakout rooms are a great example for interesting topics but he wants to see more value in them when presenting. The future is bright for the Summit, exciting things are coming in the 2020 virtual Summit!

With the YP Summit moving virtual this year, Starkweather explained to me about how he is interested in seeing the future of the Summit and is excited to hopefully attend!

Author: Brooke Wegner, YP Summit Planning Committee