What are Chambers of Commerce and Why Should YPs join a Chamber of Commerce?

Chambers of Commerce are membership organizations to help your local business community grow.

The Chamber idea began as early civilization expanded in commerce and trade was transacted. There became a need for rules and regulations in medieval fairs, and merchant guilds developed in feudal times to protect and foster the trade interests of the members. The first Chamber of Commerce can be dated back to 1599 of Marseilles, France.

The first American Chamber of Commerce was formed in the State of New York in 1768 and the first City Chamber was formed in Charleston, South Carolina in 1773.

The Greater Omaha Chamber began as the Commercial Club and formed more than 100 years ago by twenty-five businessmen, officially incorporating on June 15, 1893. The initial reason for forming the group was to fight discriminatory railroad freight rates. Favorable rail rates were considered crucial to economic development in this region. While rail rates would continue to be an important issue, the Chamber became involved in much more city development. The group’s name was later changed to the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce in 1918 to reflect a broadening of its activities.

Today the GOC is a community of nearly 3,000 business partners and responsible for 40% of the growth to the Omaha market. We work with businesses of all sizes from start-ups to fortune 500 companies to strengthen our community.

Chambers of Commerce are your best investments for business connections and business relationships.

Chamber of Commerce Facts:

Fact: Consumers are 23% more likely to believe that a Chamber Member uses sound business practices over non-members.

Fact: A Chamber Member enjoys a 72% increase in consumer awareness over a non-member.

Fact: When a consumer knows that a small business is a Chamber Member, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of them and 80% more likely to purchase goods and services from them in the future.

Greater Omaha Chamber members benefit from networking opportunities, business education, a full member business directory, marketing, brand visibility, community support, economic development, talent development, workforce development, business development, leadership development, and community development.

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