A few months ago, I encouraged my fellow YPs to get involved in the political process in our communities. I reminded you that if we can increase the engagement of young professionals in the political and civic process, we can make significant strides in making Omaha a more welcoming and inclusive community. That engagement may take the form of voting, speaking at a City Council meeting, testifying before a committee of the Legislature, or even running for office. Young professionals have made their voices heard in these arenas, and I’m excited every time I see someone step up to the mic for the first time.

After that last encouragement you may have been thinking to yourself “Cool, but how do I get involved? The process seems so daunting.” First of all, I am here to tell you that it does not have to be daunting or intimidating. Second, we thought you might have questions, so a team of us have been working on putting together a Civic Engagement Guide that outlines the opportunities and steps to becoming a more civically engaged individual. In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out this guide with the hopes that it will spur our fellow YPs to find an issue they’re passionate about and take the next steps to bring voice and attention that issue.

The Civic Engagement Guide will cover topics such as how and where to vote, when and where public meetings are held, how to testify before the legislature, and even how to file for office. It is my hope that this will be a valuable tool to help you make your voice heard and be the change in our community.