Written by: Kelsey Haswell, 2020 YPC Chair

We find ourselves bundling up due to the crisp air and I can’t help but call all YPs to action, update you all on our successes, and reflect on the past few months.


Calls to Action 

We continue to support a mask mandate not only for safety in the classroom and our workforce but to continue to support our local economy. We owe it to the YPs affected by the pandemic and their loved ones. Please continue to mask up to protect each other like your fellow YPs pictured! 

The general election for 2020 is fast approaching. Not only are we electing our nation’s president, but we have many important local races. One of the best ways to chart a prosperous future for Greater Omaha is to make your voice heard by voting. Please see our newsletter post this week for more information on voting. 



Our team is honored and proud to announce that we had one of the largest pools of applicants for YP Council this year and we have selected the most diverse incoming class of council members in our history. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement. 

We have also brought forward many opportunities, including: welcoming new YPs to our area and connecting YPs to community resources, board service and employee resource group trainings, civic engagement opportunities, legislative influence to make changes which are good for YPs and our business community, and connecting to the pipeline of future YPs who will be our successors. Internally we are also finishing up our training series with Inclusive Communities to ensure our practices are just, equal, and inclusive both for our council members and those we serve. Finally, we hope to see you all at the next YP Summit in 2021. We cannot wait to see the theme of metamorphosis come to life. 

Once our council rolls under the new leadership of Rebecca Atkins in 2021, I have no doubt our current success will be elevated and we will continue to catalyze our mission and vision for YPs. Click here to read her welcome greeting. 


I continue to be inspired and humbled by the volunteers on our council this year. Our executive team is creative, steadfast, inclusive, open- minded, and engaged in catalyzing the future of YPs. Every month we discuss a leadership lesson to continue to learn something new from each other. Rebecca has broadened our practices on intentional inclusivity, Alysia taught us about the importance and timing of communication, Zach continues to elevate our understanding of how to be civically engaged, and Chris just taught us the importance of openness.

One final lesson for you all which has come our way in many versions, including during our 2040 vision planning with futurist Rebecca Ryan is that in life our priorities are like balls. Some balls are glass (family, friends, health, and prosperity) and some are plastic. It is okay to drop a plastic ball to save a glass ball from time to time. Also, we gain creativity, clarity, and perspective when we see all of our priorities connected to our personal long term vision of the future.

YPs let’s use momentum to elevate our creativity, clarify our agency, and catalyze our unique perspectives!