Happy fall everyone! For the past few months, we have been encouraging YPs to take advantage of the free professional development opportunities we have been highlighting, so this month we want to encourage YPs to take care of their personal health and well-being too. We believe that mental and physical health and wellbeing are equally, if not more important to success in the workplace than professional development alone.

If you attended INTRO last month, you may be familiar with Omaha Integrative Care (OIC). OIC is the first of its kind in Omaha, in that they provide a holistic approach to improve individuals’ health and wellness. Their services include integrative primary medical care, acupuncture, clinical herbalism, counseling & therapy, massage & bodywork, health coaching & nutrition and psychiatric medication management. They are even offering yoga classes via zoom so you can unwind from the comfort of your home.

OIC offers customers a variety of payment options including insurance, major credit cards, checks and cash. Some of their services are also HSA eligible.

Again, while we strongly encourage YPs to take advantage of professional development opportunities, be sure to make your mental and physical health a priority as well.