The Talent Attraction Committee for the Greater Omaha Chamber YP Council is excited to host Intro 2020 on Thursday, September 17, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.! Although the last few Intro events have been in person, the committee wants to ensure the safety and well-being of our community so we are taking this year’s event online using the Zoom platform.  

The purpose of the event is to introduce people, whether it be new residents, boomerangs or lifers, to all Omaha has to offer. We have achieved this by introducing Bucket Lists for various activities around the area, neighborhood itineraries to help people explore other areas of town, highlighting volunteer opportunities, and more!

As part of Intro 2020, we will be hosting a panel of esteemed Omaha residents to focus on diversity and inclusion, as well as how to make everyone feel welcome in Omaha, how to educate ourselves on the issues Omaha is facing, and what exciting things are in store for the future here! Stay tuned for more details on these dynamic Omahans. 

In addition to this exciting panel, we will be having two interactive breakout sessions with two topics during each session. These breakout topics will include the Omaha food scene, the Omaha “We Don’t Coast” Ambassadors program, discussions on building relationships and networking during COVID along with overall general mental health and well -being, and Omaha area parks and recreation! To top it all off, one of our very own Omaha Chamber YP Council members, Krystal Fox, will give us the low-down on everything voting to prepare us for the upcoming elections. 


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