This month we wanted to highlight three free development events for young professionals to take advantage of. The first is a Jobs Summit being put on by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). This jobs summit is for everyone, including new college graduates, those contemplating a career change, individuals who are unemployed, college faculty, staff and more. The inaugural WSJ Jobs Summit promises to provide ‘trusted, actionable insight from business leaders across industries on how to not only survive but thrive in this new economy’. Learn more about the job summit and register here:

The second is a professional development event put on by the YP Council’s very own Talent Development Committee. On August 27th, from 6:30-7:30 pm, the Council of Companies will be hosting a free webinar focusing on starting and sustaining a YP Group or any other type of Employee Resource Group (ERG). The purpose of this event is to bring together ERG leaders in Omaha and to teach YPs about the possibility of starting an ERG within their own company. Register for the event here.

Finally, Creighton University is offering a video series that will help individuals improve their personal resilience. This video series, created by Dr. Thomas Lenz, hopes to enhance a sense of well-being in folks and provide practical strategies to meet the demands of our current global situation. The intended audience is physicians, nurses, EMS, healthcare workers, teachers and parents. The video series can be viewed here:

We hope you’ll take advantage of these free development events as we continue to navigate 2020.