The hammering stopped, the dust settled, and the electrical conduit remained on the floor where it had landed as crews went home to wait out the virus. No one knew that we would still be under a near state of emergency six months later. Thankfully our local construction didn’t pause for too long and everyone safely came back to work, ready to keep pace and make sure the job was done by August 1st. 


Hey readers! My name is Melanie Phelan and I am a member of the Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals Council. At the beginning of 2020 my business partners and I decided to start construction on our soon-to-be brewery named after the 1960’s space era, Launch Brewing. All was fine and well and then that pesky Global Pandemic made its debut in March and brought all construction and fabrication to a halt. 


I have found myself on multiple occasions holding my head and nervously saying “what a year to open a brewery” while hoping with all my heart that we make it to the finish line. Realistically I know we will, even if the path to get there had a few roadblocks along the way, but we had no idea our pathway would be this bumpy. Our original open date has now come and gone and here we sit, nearly done with the job, waiting on equipment to ship from all around the world. Other countries shut factory doors extremely quickly and kept them locked for months, causing delays for our project, while more importantly, protecting people from COVID-19. I think the hardest part for me has been the fact that things haven’t happened according to plan at all. Like not even a little bit. In the same breath, that has been the best part, lending more time and attention to, well, everything. We’ve been able to make better decisions, perfect the consumer experience, and make sure we hire the best of the best for our team. We have slowed down and taken our time while enjoying the process even more than we guessed possible. In hindsight, for our small project, the pandemic has challenged the original way we planned to do everything and helped us push ourselves to do better and think outside of the box! 


Once we get our brewing equipment we can start getting serious about setting a date to open. We are very eager to install the finishing touches and see beer flowing from the taps. Until then, we will wait patiently and be ready to have a grand opening full of online ordering and beers to-go. 


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