I moved to the US from India in 2014 to attend UNO and to pursue my master’s degree in management information systems. I have been living in Omaha ever since because of the deep fondness I developed for the city and its community making it a home away from home. Throughout these years, I have actively volunteered and been involved with philanthropic projects in the community including the YP summit.

It was a wonderful opportunity to serve on the committee for the 2020 edition of the YP Summit as the App Manager. I was setup for success by my team and then Chair Elizabeth Kraemer with clear expectations of what we wanted to do with the event’s mobile app and the trust and belief to empower me to come up with creative ideas to improve the overall engagement and experience of our team. Watching a conference of this magnitude and impact take shape in front of my eyes was a very humbling experience.

We currently are going through some very challenging times as a community and it is more important than ever before to come together as YPs and support each other so we continue to grow and thrive, in order to build the future of our beautiful city. I am beyond thrilled to work along side a talented team of committee members and volunteers to make this summit the best one yet!

Rakshit Rekhi

2021 YP Summit Chair