Restaurants across the country have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with effects ranging from reduced hours and temporary closures, to some shutting their doors for good. Omaha’s restaurateurs and patrons alike have taken the challenge head on. The community has both embraced its favorite local spots and taken the opportunity to try new places as well.

“Takeout Tuesday” is a great opportunity to try a new restaurant every week and help a business continue to run until things are able to return to normal. That doesn’t mean you are limited to just Tuesday to experience all the amazing restaurants Omaha has to offer. Find another day during the week that works for your schedule and make that your own unofficial “Takeout Tuesday”!

Omaha takes great pride in its creative and extensive food scene. Food lovers across the city have championed restaurants that are open for business both for takeout and limited seating inside. There are opportunities for patrons to frequent restaurants with different levels of contact service that fit everyone’s comfort level.

Restaurants have stepped up to the challenge by reworking their menus to fit the new reality of the increased demand for takeout and delivery options. These restaurants have been creative with making those options simpler for consumers by providing temporary drive through windows, family style take home meals, and alcohol to-go.

Omaha restaurants need our business to survive and continue to both provide our community with amazing food and employment to thousands across the city. Area food critics and food enthusiasts have stepped up to provide resources for hungry residents in all neighborhoods across the metropolitan area. These lists and tools give prospective patrons numerous options to continue to appreciate Omaha’s culinary scene now and in the future. Provided below are three websites that can help you find the right restaurant for your next takeout experience.

Get out there and enjoy the wonderful restaurants our community has to offer! Resources are below on how to find your next pick.

Restaurant Directory

Sarah Baker Hansen – Takeout Chronicles

Omaha Food Search

Omaha World Herald Take Out Directory