Working from home can be a new experience and challenge. Here are some tips from our YP Council members to set you up for success!


Stick to a Routine

“Start your day as you normally would! Routine is so important. Wake up at the same time, do your hair (or makeup if you normally do so), and put on a nice shirt. Comfy pants are ok. When I’m done with my day I go for a walk to literally “walk away” from the day. It helps transition my mind like commuting typically would.”
“Keep your routine as much as you can, that includes getting ready and getting dressed like you were going to work anyways! As much as we would like to be in sweats all day!”

Take those Breaks

“Take a real lunch break and take little breaks throughout the day (like you would if you were going to get a cup of coffee) to help from staying in one place, one room, etc. for the entire day.”

Check your Posture

“Avoid slouching if you can. Recline your chair slightly to avoid hip pressure. Hit up Amazon for small ergonomic accessories such a monitor stand to make sure your posture is in check!”

Get Moving!

“Take a walk, do some chores, maybe a few stretches. Movement is important when sitting at home all day!”

Manage Expectations

“Discuss with your boss what the current realistic expectations are. Ask what the priorities are and how the tasks will be done. This should be an ongoing conversation.”

Embrace Video

“I’m a big believer that turning your webcam on during conference calls increases engagement of the group. Helps everyone connect better!”

Design a Space

“I would say it’s uber important to have a desk set up outside of your dinning room table or couch. Make it feel like “work” and a “space” as much as possible.”

Share your WFH Schedule

“Teaching kids in the morning? Doing a lunch workout? Make sure your schedule is displayed somewhere accessible for your team mates so there’s open communication when you will be working.”

Check in with your co-workers

“Talk with your co-workers! Working from home eliminates the impromptu hallway and coffee chats, so a simple message can make you both feel more connected and ready to take on the day.”