Council Corner – 2020 Welcome!


Welcome to 2020! Myself and the YP Council are energetic and enthusiastic about a new year and a new decade. As I reflect on the past 15 years for our team, I am proud of all of the strong work that we have done and looking forward to the hard work we need to do in the future to make the Greater Omaha area a space where every young professional wants to work, live, and play.


Over the next year, we have decided to focus on attraction, development, and retention in a more formal way. Much of our work has been in retention and attraction, but we realize that we need to develop the young professionals in our area to be the future leaders of our community. With this focus comes a slight change in our mission statement. We will now have the following mission.


The Greater Omaha Young Professionals serve as a catalyst to attract, develop, and retain young professionals to the Greater Omaha area through engagement, opportunity, and advocacy. 

Our team is hard at work on our program of work for the year. We welcomed 14 new members this season, we are supporting the YP Summit Planning Committee, and we have been intentional about building relationships with our community partners all before we end this month. This year we would like to invite you to our February YP Council meeting where we will present our plan and have time to strengthen relationships with other YPs. Please click here to purchase a ticket and save the date to our meeting.


Lastly, our team has decided to create individual intentions that guide our development over the year. My intention is relationships. I strive to build strong relationships, so we can make the Greater Omaha area a better place together for all who live, work, and play here. We hope you set some intentions for your year alongside us.


Cheers to all YPs and those that support YPs!


Kelsey Haswell

2020 YP Council Chair