We’re excited to announce the YP Summit Committee for 2020. They are a talented group of young professionals ready to make the 15th Annual Summit better than ever.

Planning has already started, so be sure to mark your calendars for March 6 so you can join in on the celebration of YPs in our region.


2020 Committee Roster

Elizabeth Kraemer, YP Summit Chair

Allison Sagehorn, YP Summit Chamber Liaison

Laura Walker, Committee Facilitator Lead



John Staup, Hype Committee Chair

Rakshit Rekhi, App Manager

Jordan, Bath, Brand Influencer

Savannah, Behrends, Brand Influencer

Katherine, MacHolmes, Community Partnerships Lead

Michelle, Love, Content Generator

Lacey Jane, Ostmeyer, Content Generator

Itzel, Lopez, Interaction Facilitator



Melanie Phelan, PX Committee Chair

Amber Posch, Décor & Go Green Lead

Kara Focht, Engagement Space Activity #1

Blake Peterson, Engagement Space Activity #2

Susan Masood, Engagement Space Activity #3

Amanda Schmidt, Engagement Space Activity #4

Mark Schulte, Engagement Space Activity #5

Sergio Orozco, Engagement Space Manager

Kiley Armitage, Signage & Volunteer Coordinator

Angela Coleman, Post-Party Execution

Kristin Schemahorn, Post-Party Sponsorships

Chris Humphries, YP Council Liaison

Kaitlin Ortmeier, Post-Party Execution

Kelsey Scroggin, Post-Party Execution



Nick Knihnisky, YP Summit Vice Chair

Mohammad Amrollahi, Selection Committee

Kelsey Haswell, Selection Committee

Jonathan Oswald, Selection Committee

Haley A Armstrong, Selection Committee



Nate Shapiro, Tried & True Group – Chair

Kelsey Christensen, Tried & True Group

Darius Smith, Tried & True Group

Lindsey Spehn, Tried & True Group

Zach Klebba, Tried & True Group

Angel Starks, Tried & True Group

Allison Schorr, Tried & True Group

Kayla Snow, Tried & True Group