The Downtown & Midtown Mobility Survey was conducted by Verdis Group to better understand how individuals in downtown and midtown Omaha get to and from work. It also asked respondents about how they want to commute, along with their perspectives on several other mobility and transportation issues. Check out their key findings and recommendations below. 

Key Findings: 

  1. Active commuting programs will increase the number of people using active transportation, which will reduce parking demand, free up valuable land for more productive uses, and reduce congestion. 
  2. There is widespread support, particularly among millennials, for active transportation. 
  3. There is broad support for new transit and mobility infrastructure. 
  4. Employers play a key role. 
  5. There is high interest in using ORBT and an urban circulator. 



  1. Employers should create active commuting programs for employees 
  2. Increase investment in active transportation infrastructure of all types 
  3. Address the parking perception issue, organize the parking system more efficiently, and eliminate parking minimums 
  4. Pursue and support transit-oriented development 
  5. Improve walkability 
  6. Convert one-way streets to two-way streets 


Read the full case study here: