CODE, Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity and Equity, was born to achieve sustainable growth in the areas of diversity, inclusivity, equity and opportunity in Greater Omaha. CODE aims to increase diversity throughout the region’s workforce including all levels of employment. CODE has now expanded and launched an Employer Coalition. The coalition will strive to help employers increase recruitment and retention of diverse talent and address disparities in the experience of diverse professionals.


By signing the pledge, leaders are asked to commit to the following:

  • Create and implement a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • Hire or appoint diversity and inclusion leadership to develop and support efforts.
  • Measure success by participating in a recommended assessment or an assessment selected by the participating organization.

But wait, there’s more. The Greater Omaha Chamber offers Coalition members the following benefits and resources to assist them in developing their goals and producing measurable results.

  • Comprehensive Resource Library
  • Networking and Education Opportunities – to begin January 2019
  • Tools for Success – Assessment Participants

If you are an employer and interested in joining the coalition or have questions please reach out to Bianca Harley at Or, if you are an employee interested in getting you or your company involved, reach out to Bianca as well.