Authors: Allison Schorr and Andrew Prystai

Why are we looking to partner?

Omaha has continued to be rated highly as a place to be for Young Professionals – great for overall livability, 3rd Best for Millennials, 7th best for raising a family, and more. However, to maintain these rankings and have the same impact as cities like Denver and Austin, we need to collaborate to strengthen our Young Professional community.

When the YP Council first started in 2004 the brain drain phenomenon was significantly worse than today with limited opportunities for Young Professionals to get involved. Now this has changed, with multiple YP groups in encompassing industries (YNPN, Tech Omaha), interests (YAP, 1877 Society), ethnicity (MLYPA, ULNYP), and general professional development and leadership growth (Leadership Omaha, NLC, Business Ethics Alliance Emerging Leaders) among other organizations and opportunities.

Increasingly so, we have come to see a massive opportunity to partner between these YP groups  – utilizing our specialties and resources to create a more vibrant Omaha together. Individually we might not be able to keep or attract most Young Professionals to Omaha – but collectively and in coordination, we undoubtedly can provide the opportunities, networks, and communities to make almost any Young Professionals dream happen in Omaha.  In the success of this, we all win – young professionals, organizations, YP Council, and most importantly our community.

What are we looking to partner with?

We support the below opportunities and will give special interest to anything in our five focus areas – Arts & Culture, STEM & Entrepreneurship, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Development & Public Transit and Public & Civic Engagement

  • Events – If there are awesome events happening that are interesting for Young Professionals and/or provide a great opportunity to grow themselves or their network then we would love to know about them!
  • Special or One time opportunities– From volunteering opportunities to special discounts or access for Young Professionals we are always interested in passing along these kinds of opportunities.
  • Boards/Commissions – Is your organization or an organization you know looking for Young Professionals to get plugged in and make a difference for them? We are open to passing along those opportunities to the Young Professional network and help find qualified and excited individuals!
  • Something New – Have a passion for creating something new in Omaha that we need to keep attracting and retaining awesome people? We’d love to hear what you’re thinking and how we would work together on that project.

How are we looking to partner?

If you have one of the above types of opportunities to partner or something similar you think we’d be interested in working on we have four ways we are looking to partner:

  • Share – The easiest partnership is having the Council share something on our social media channels. If you are interested in doing this we ask that you provide us something specific to share or some pre-written material we can use as a guide for writing our own material.
  • Promote – Share’s big brother. If we commit to “promote” something we are going to push it a little harder than just through social media, including putting in our newsletter and other appropriate marketing channels.
  • Sponsor – Going beyond just getting the word out we are open to sponsor and provide additional financial, planning, volunteer, or other support that you need to make your partnership opportunity a success.
  • Create – The final tier is to create something new, like we did in partnership with the ULNYP . For the “create” tier we are looking for something that the YP Council and our partner find extremely important and think that together we are the best suited organizations to work on this opportunity in Omaha.

Alone the YP Council can’t ensure that we will attract and retain every Young Professional that we can to Omaha. However, by collaborating and strengthening our YP community we know that we can make a better, more inclusive, and more fun Omaha.

If  you have an opportunity and a partnership tier in mind – please fill out this form. If you don’t have anything immediately, keep us in mind for future partnerships!