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Summit Scholarship

Just a few years ago I was brand new to Nebraska and just starting out in my real estate career. I had moved to Omaha from Washington, DC after visiting and realizing what incredible potential the city held. My enthusiasm was marred by one simple fact: other than three local family members of my wife, I knew nobody.

I made 2 smart choices that year. First, I made a point of attending as many YP events as I could, where I was able to connect with motivated, bright and friendly professionals from all over the city. Second, I applied for Gallup’s YP Summit Scholarship. Admitting a need for financial help wasn’t easy, but the summit sounded like a unique opportunity and I owed it to myself to apply.

I was a proud recipient of the scholarship in 2016 and tried to make the most of the experience. I left that day with new-found inspiration and understanding about my community that has helped in many walks of life.

I owe a lot of my success in the past year to the Gallup Scholarship. I can directly link the opportunity to serve as Vice Chair of the YP Summit, the 48 homes I helped buy or sell last year and the founding and growth of Discover Omaha tour company to the inspiration and tools I was given at the YP Summit. I wouldn’t have gone that first year without the scholarship. Thank you Gallup!!

Apply here for your opportunity to receive one of 15 Gallup sponsored YP Summit Scholarships! 

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