As the 2018 YP Summit Chair, I am honored to lead a group of creatively dynamic YPs. Together with Vice Chairs, Nate Shapiro of the Jewish Federation of Omaha and Dakotah Smith of Redfin, we have dubbed our 20-person committee as the #DreamTeam2018, because in a dream world, the strengths of every team member are reflected in the shared end goal. And our goal is to live up to our promise.

I appreciate my life’s journey. As an African American young woman in Greater Omaha I’ve celebrated, struggled, and pushed my way through to who I am today — and I’m constantly adding colors to this canvas I call life. And I honestly believe that both my personal AND professional experiences bring value to our city. Yours do, too.

Nobody has seen my life from my perspective but me. Same for you. Yet with shared experiences, collaborative efforts, and willing attitudes, the Greater Omaha YPs – as a unified body- have the ability to respect the past, yet add much-needed layers of vibrancy and expectancy to the tone of our community.

2018 Summit Promise Statement: A day of intentional development, inspiration, and empowerment. Our promise is to activate curiosity and cultivate professional, personal, and community growth. We will celebrate differences, foster connections, and initiate positive change.

Sorry folks, no spoilers yet — but we do need your help.

Of course, we want you to block out your calendars – March 1, 2018.  We want you there. Easy.

But, we also need you to help us intentionally create this day. Who in your circles and networks should be considered as a breakout speaker or on a panel? What YPs do you know who are doing really dynamic stuff for our community and should be sharing their stories with the masses? It’s time to brag. It’s time to shine a light on their journeys so the rest of us can walk away inspired, informed, and ready to act.

The link to the online Requests for Proposals (RFPs) is here. Due by September 28. 

Our lives should not be monochromatic — neither should the vision of our city. WE bring the color.

Stay tuned…