When I was asked to write this Council Corner, I thought to myself that this will be easy, this will be fun — because this is all about Selection 2017.  It’s about generating a new talent pool and selecting individuals that will lead our young professionals in Greater Omaha for the next three years!

But the more I thought about it, I began to struggle to piece together my thoughts. While the opportunity to serve on the Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals’ Council is something that is accessible for anyone under 40 years of age, living in Greater Omaha regardless of profession, industry, gender, race, etc., I still struggled. I struggled because, although the experience is rewarding and fun and, although there is a lot of excitement around ‘having a seat at the table’, at the end of the day, it is work. And how do you ask someone to do more work?

As young professionals, we all have busy lives.  Whether its family, our own careers, or some other passion; never slowing down and life is never seemingly less busy.  However, I’ve noticed that sometimes being busier can make it easier.  And sometimes, it can get easier working on what you’re passionate about, with people that have the same passion and desire as you do — to not only make something better, but to take something to the next level and understand that while you’re working hard, there is still more work to do.

I’ve reflected on my time serving the Council thus far, and as I come to the end of my second year, I think about what we’ve accomplished as a young professional community, such as:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Survey
  • Support of Tenth St. Market
  • Supporting State Legislation
  • Hosting the YP Summit
  • Future Foresight work with Prosper Omaha

I’ve realized throughout the course of this ‘work’ the connections I’ve made and the feeling I have for Greater Omaha. While my term on Council will come to an end after 2018, the desire to impact this community and continue the work doesn’t have to end as well.

My thought is this: that opportunity and the work are always going to be there, and that’s what you choose to take on.

Thomas Edison once said “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” This is your opportunity to join Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professional Council — the work will be hard, the work will be what you make of it, but more than anything the work will leave an impression on you and on this community for a lifetime to come.

Applications are now available on our website.  Please apply today or join us on August 15th at DO Space at 5PM to learn more at our Real Talk event.