When it comes to shouting up our community, we want a full-throated endorsement. But right now, Black young professionals (YPs) are far less likely than their peers— men and women of all other races—to recommend Greater Omaha as a place to live and work. What disparities are fueling this lack of enthusiasm and what can we do about them?

To gain a better understanding and a foothold on solutions, the Greater Omaha Chamber and the Urban League of Nebraska partnered with University of Nebraska Omaha evaluation program to take the pulse of Greater Omaha’s young professionals, conducting an online survey and in-person focus groups between January and March 2017.

Omaha is a family town, social circles are tight, and advancement seems to be about who you know, not what you know. – Survey Respondent

The story of this effort can be found here: 2017YPSurvey

The official press release can be found here: News Release – Black YPs Reluctant to Recommend Greater Omaha

Public presentation slides can be found here: YP_Survey_Findings_PPT_06_Entrepreneur