Dodge Ball Tournament Creates Foundation to Influence Change

Dodge2Some might see it as a simple dodgeball tournament, but I see it as building a foundation to influence change. UP Ties is the Emerging Professional employee resource group at Union Pacific. This is the 5th year that UP Ties has put on a dodgeball tournament to raise money for our partner charity, the SAVE Program. On Friday, March 31st, at St. Bernard’s elementary school we brought together 11 different teams from eight different companies and organizations around Omaha for a friendly tournament of throwing dodgeballs at each other. The different organizations and companies involved included Conagra, OPPD, First National Bank, First Westroads Bank, HDR, Goodwill, Creighton Law School and Union Pacific. In a packed gym of around 120 people, we managed to raise more than $2,300, which will go towards underprivileged youth in the surrounding Omaha area.

Young professionals want to be part of something bigger than themselves. It can be seen everywhere in the Greater Omaha area. They don’t want to be siloed in their own companies and organizations. They don’t want their lives to be mundane 9-5 workdays. Over the course of my involvement with UP Ties, I have seen more and more emerging professional groups wanting to collaborate on events and build relationships. This gives me great hope for the future because the more we can leverage each other and gain different perspectives, the more influence we can have in our city.

This may be seen as a simple social fundraiser, but it is a small example that exemplifies the unlimited possibilities of what can happen when different groups of people come together for a good cause.  The $2,300 raised is a great start, but I am more excited to see how we, as UP Ties, can leverage these relationships to enact greater change and more substantial positive influence in the Greater Omaha community that we call home.