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Attracting Millennials & Retaining Them in Omaha

Tune Your Radio to KFAB Monday Morning!

This morning on 1110 KFAB from 9 A.M. to 10 A.M. YP Talent Manager Luke Hoffman and incoming YP Council Chair Noah McClain will be on KFAB’s morning show to talk attracting and retaining millennial talent in Omaha. If you care about this topic and want to hear more, join in on the interview by tuning in, calling up the show, and plugging into the conversation!

This interview is a follow up to an article from the Omaha World Herald article about how more millennials are calling Omaha home, to the tune of a 14.3% increase of those ages 18-34 for the Omaha-Council Bluffs area by a report based on census data.

Outgoing Young Professionals Council Chair, Wendy Townley, was interviewed for the initial article that inspired the topic being later this morning on 1110 KFAB. Wendy wasn’t surprised about the resulting Omaha metro No. 6 ranking out of the top 50 metros in the United States:

“Look at all the event-based things happening in Omaha on any given day of the week,” she said. “And for millennials interested in creating and making our world a better place, this is a great place to get going.”

Wendy herself is a classic, and always classy, example of just this sentiment she expressed. As the 2016 GOYP Chair, she has helped pave the way for other YPs who are working to make Omaha a better place. We thank Wendy for her leadership and kindhearted approach to her volunteer service, an example worthy of both your emulation and our admiration.

Thank you, Wendy!



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