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Kitchen Council – Good Food On The Go

This is it: The region’s only food incubator of its kind, Kitchen Council. The collaborative Nebraska/Iowa initiative seeks to lower barriers to market entry for food entrepreneurs, offering such amenities as a commercial kitchen space, accelerator programming and workshops – not mention a groundswell of community support.  

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Event Recap: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Kitchen Council hosted its first educational module on June 11, a pilot for its upcoming launch of a new educational program series. The event titled, What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You, took a survey look at the legal landscape important to a food entrepreneur. During...

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Event Recap: Food Lessons Learned

Three seasoned food entrepreneurs took the stage at Kitchen Council July 9. Michelle Dill of Big Green Tomato Granola, Philip Schaffart of The Blackstone Meatball and Katie Arant of Coneflower Creamery shared insights, lessons learned and advice with an audience of...

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Attack a Healthier Way of Life with Attack-a-Taco

From eco-friendly cleaning products to reusable straws, more businesses and brands are offering ways for consumers to treat the environment and themselves better. Attack-a-Taco is Greater Omaha’s newest addition to this family, utilizing a not-for-profit model to...

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Stories Sell—Food Branding with SecretPenguin

“So, what’s your story?” Undoubtedly we’ve all been asked this question during networking or small talk. But when someone inquires about a restaurant’s story, the answer can make or break whether customers walk through the doors once, twice or ever. Thankfully, Dave...

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Beer & Brothers: The Bald Brothers Catering Story

Three words come to mind when thinking of Bald Brothers Catering: Quality, Passion and Family. Each is the thread that connects brothers Steven, David and Brian Robinson. With ambitions to start a new kind of brewpub in Omaha, Steven is taking the first step in...

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