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Stories Sell—Food Branding with SecretPenguin

“So, what’s your story?” Undoubtedly we’ve all been asked this question during networking or small talk. But when someone inquires about a restaurant’s story, the answer can make or break whether customers walk through the doors once, twice or ever. Thankfully, Dave...

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Beer & Brothers: The Bald Brothers Catering Story

Three words come to mind when thinking of Bald Brothers Catering: Quality, Passion and Family. Each is the thread that connects brothers Steven, David and Brian Robinson. With ambitions to start a new kind of brewpub in Omaha, Steven is taking the first step in...

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Get Ready for Greatness, 2019!

In these final weeks of 2018 as we all slow down and remember the year, we can’t help but keep talking about the year to come! Don’t get me wrong, Kitchen Council has had a tremendous year. Since launching in February ‘18, we have grown by leaps and bounds...

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Pizza, Pasta, Amore: The Pomodoro Way

It all started with a pasta maker. A gift to Rocky Luna from his wife, Julie, one Valentine’s Day. Next came their daughter’s graduation party where she requested a pasta bar, an occasion they decided to cater themselves with that pasta maker and a handful...

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Welcome, Clare!

Experiencing the vibrant culture of small independent food businesses in New York City inspires me to play a more active role in the food renaissance of the Greater Omaha area. This community is full of talented people with great ideas and I’m excited to...

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