In our current climate, a lot is being said about slowing down, prioritizing health and getting fresh starts. For Vicki Pospisal of Good Flour Confections her “pivot point” came five years ago after experiencing a number of health issues which culminated in migraines so bad that she could not work at her corporate job. After making changes to her diet and feeling better, Vicki faced the challenge of not being able to find “healthy treats” that also tasted … well tasty. 

As a fan of The Great British Baking Show, what started as a personal hobby and wellness journey slowly started including making treats for friends and neighbors. She started with gluten free and then transitioned to dairy free as well after receiving “customer” feedback from providing treats to local coffee shops. Vicki’s mission is also very clear. She is a baker that makes gluten free confections, not a baker that can make gluten free confections. Everything that Good Flour creates at Kitchen Council is gluten and dairy free. Vicki ensures nothing is cross contaminated with other members’ products and she even has her own mixer.

A true indulgence for those who may not have had one in a while, Good Flour offers unique flavors and textures to create a new experience each time you take a bite. A macaron, for example, starts with a base and then gets a taste of creativity from what Vicki thinks will be a good flavor profile (like caramel cheesecake). Each step of the way, she looks at the end product from the customer’s perspective and is always incorporating feedback to improve the application.

Vicki’s connection to Kitchen Council was a truly organic one. Meeting the Managing Director while still at her corporate job, Vicki always kept Kitchen Council in the back of her mind as she edged closer to making Good Flour an actual business. Reconnecting through friends and Iowa business connections solidified the partnership. Vicki loves that Kitchen Council isn’t just for one type of food entrepreneur and loves the low barrier for entry that is provided with the program. She noted the many opportunities for collaboration, getting advice and camaraderie as an advantage from day one. Membership also helps her sell more items to more local businesses.

As Vicki says, it’s never too late to start doing something that is better for you. She’s not referring to a diet, necessarily, but a healthier way of eating and being. She hopes more people lean toward alternatives before external forces like a health condition forces them to. A cherry, almond & chocolate breakfast cookie doesn’t sound like a terrible first step to us.

To find out more about the menu and ordering, visit the Good Flour Confections website. Additionally, you can find Good Flour at the Council Bluffs Farmers Market.


Written by Ashley Rae Turner