From eco-friendly cleaning products to reusable straws, more businesses and brands are offering ways for consumers to treat the environment and themselves better. Attack-a-Taco is Greater Omaha’s newest addition to this family, utilizing a not-for-profit model to offer vegan Mexican dishes in a zero-waste food truck.

Owners Durga Jai and husband Antonio had always considered having a food truck, but never focused on it until a chance encounter while getting their RV serviced. There happened to be a food truck there; and after checking it out, its owner, the president of The Food Truck Association told them he knew of one for sale. The pieces soon fell together.

The kind of cuisine Durga and Antonio would offer was easy; authentic to the Northern region of Mexico where Antonio grew up. Their family has been vegan for years so it was important to them to feed people the food they would want their children to eat, which meant organic and non-GMO, as well. “We want to feed the world like it’s our family. It just feels right,” Durga said.

Attack-a-Taco doesn’t skimp on flavor. Utilizing peppers, cactus and other regional staples, everything on the menu is cooked in the authentic and traditional style Antonio has always enjoyed.

There is no salsa on the side here and it is not Tex-Mex. Tacos here tell a story of heritage and pride, even down to their names. And calling themselves Attack-a-Taco? Literal encouragement to devour their delicious fare. Each version begins with the Spanish Attack-a, which in English would equate to Attack an

Another item of importance for the pair? Running a business that reflects their moral standards and way of living. If you follow Durga and Antonio on Facebook or Instagram you’ll notice they highlight customers who bring their own reusable container, allowing them to cut down on single-use plastics. Many customers are already vegan and happy to have another option when they dine out, but many customers dine with a new curiosity about being vegan or zero-waste.

A Kitchen Council Member since March, Durga and Antonio enjoy the communal vibe of the space and appreciate that everyone supports each other – instead of viewing members as competition.

Holly Benson Muller, Kitchen Council managing director, is always available to talk through things and offer support, Durga and Antonio said, and it’s an “amazing space” where Attack-a-Taco can prepare their food without any concerns about cross-contamination to stay true to their vegan, non-GMO, organic mission.

For individuals and families committed to combating global warming and living plant-based lives (or those just curious about the idea), Attack-a-Taco offers a welcome option in the fast-casual world of food trucks. Durga and Antonio can be found at upcoming events like MAHA, Dodge Plaza Food Truck Fest and HutchFest. Raising more awareness about the impact we make on the environment with our food choices as well as running a not-for-profit food business that is sustainable will all be on the Attack-a-Taco menu.

Written by Ashley Rae Turner