Have you ever found yourself at home, after work, intensely craving sweets? Your local bakery is already closed, a trip to the store seems like one to Antarctica and all you have are month old Oreos. Chelsie Schroeder of The Bubbly Tart has plans to help you avoid this dilemma. Specializing in expertly developed sweets and custom cakes made with care, Chelsie has a unique vision for what a bakery could be. A spot that you go to for happy hour, while enjoying your favorite treat alongside a glass of bubbles.

A small-town Nebraska native, Chelsie moved to Los Angeles to attend the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, where she received training in classic French pastry techniques. After moving back home after graduation, she has spent the last twelve years working for a catering company. While working events and fulfilling orders, she realized many people had a very narrow view of desserts. It was just something you ordered for events, not something to be celebrated in itself. Chelsie is determined to change that.

The Bubbly Tart aims to expand our thinking when it comes to desserts. Classic French pastries are certainly her jam, but the possibilities are truly endless with a canvas of butter and sugar. Her need for creativity and passion for not only fresh flavors but Omaha’s bakery scene has resulted in a diverse offering of treats from Japanese cheesecakes, cakesicles (cake pops’ cool older sister) to chocolate salted caramel pies. Even in the included bakery staples like cupcakes and cookies, creative flavors take top billing from lemon pistachio to banana cheesecake snickerdoodles. When asked what’s the inspiration for her confections, Chelsie simply responds, “Whatever sounds good when I’m hungry.”

As if that wasn’t enough to turn the bakery model upside down, The Bubbly Tart will soon be much more than just an amazing macaron you can order for your next event. It will be a sensory bakery experience catering to the after-work crowd where you can stop by for drink specials and choose your own adventure treats. A champagne bar complete with action station where you can view the chef brûlée and flambé your choice of toppings for the perfect dessert? Where do we sign up? But wait, there’s more. Chelsie also wants to be a part of your #sundayfunday with a brunch revolving around pancakes.

In the meantime, Chelsie loves being a part of the Kitchen Council community. Encountering a problem familiar to many entrepreneurs that also have student loan debt: difficulty of getting a loan to open a brick and mortar, Kitchen Council provides the perfect space to create and host. With plenty of space to work and staff that provides expertise and advice, Chelsie is excited for the future of The Bubbly Tart. Another Kitchen Council advantage? The ability to host events as if you currently have a brick and mortar. Chelsie is jumping right in to utilize this member perk, preparing for a Mother’s Day brunch May 12 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Featuring her signature tomato ricotta tart, this event is not one to miss and a selection of sweets will also be available to purchase grab and go style.

From brunch to birthday parties, The Bubbly Tart is elevating all your sugar cravings, in an insanely Instagrammable package focused on local ingredients.

Written by Ashley Rae Turner. Photos by The Bubbly Tart