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Starting a business can be overwhelming and exhausting. Plus, some might say it’s risky and requires 200 percent from founders, 24/7. Kitchen Council seeks to lessen that risk for food entrepreneurs.
Commercial kitchen space with professional equipment is a huge capital investment and a nonnegotiable requirement for any food startup in Nebraska and Iowa – whether it’s a catering initiative, a mobile truck or a pop-up restaurant.
As a commissary and shared production facility, Kitchen Council provides physical resources to members at a fraction of the cost. There is also incubator programming that provides business assistance in key topic areas for food businesses – from navigating health department licensing to legal formation to marketing your business. But the asset we are most proud to offer is community.
Kitchen Council is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that provides support and camaraderie to fellow food startup founders and small business owners. This is done by intentionally creating an environment that supports this community through innovative strategies that respect the independence of our member’s businesses and promote trust among them in a safe, shared work space. Hourly kitchen rental is typically the norm for shared kitchens, but our monthly membership model is not only more cost effective to the learning founder that might still be testing recipes, but also structured for members to build relationships with each other over time.
For example, ingredients are not shared among members, but they are not locked up either because even the presence of that lock signals distrust.

As much as it is a place, Kitchen Council is also a team that can help troubleshoot challenges, find opportunities and stay connected to the inspiration that drove you start your business in the first place. If you or anyone you know may be looking for this type of community, please drop us a line at or apply online.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash