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Recently, food producers, bloggers and food entrepreneurs gathered at Kitchen Council to learn food photography tips and tricks from two of the most exciting names in the Nebraska food scene, Angela Garbacz of Goldenrod Pastries (recently named one of the most innovative women in food and drink by Food and Wine magazine) and the photographer who helps bring her visions to life, Daniel Muller of The Mullers.

Their journey to food was similar to many in the room, with Angela baking and blogging as a side hustle, while working a job that wasn’t quite her passion.

Daniel, on the other hand, explored a variety of career options before settling behind a camera.

Regardless of their start, both shared a passion for food and for showing great treats and eats in a good light (something we would explore in depth during the event).

At the event, each of the speakers’ setups were practical and accessible; making sure no one left the room thinking they had to invest more than $100 to produce high-quality food photos for their digital needs.

Natural light trumped all, and easy-to-find props (such as tile squares and white or marble foam core) turned a tasty bowl of pasta into a shot worth 50-plus “likes” no matter where it was posted.

In addition to doling out nuggets of wisdom (never buy clamps to hold up foam core from a camera store, you can buy them for ⅓ of the price at a hardware store) there was time for brainstorming real-life situations for those in the audience.

Omaha World-herald reviewer Sarah Baker Hansen got tips on backlighting food in dim restaurants, Flagship Restaurant Groups marketing team gathered ideas for spicing up their food photos while staying within the health departments regulations and a producer of Bloody Mary mix learned that the best photos for his brand may come before the mix is made (who doesn’t love a colorful Instagram photo of fresh veggies).

Overall, the event brought together a wide range of people within our current food ecosystem, and provided a space to explore and learn about a subject that can truly bring their businesses to the next level.

Having a digital presence with quality content can reach a wider audience faster than “old-school” advertising or word of mouth in today’s food economy. And thanks to Kitchen Council, Angela and Daniel, you can expect a lot more high-quality content to like and share in the upcoming months from your favorite Nebraska food brand.