Cost of Doing Business

We work hard to keep the business climate friendly. Our cost of living is low, our quality of life is high – and our steady economic growth is the envy of the nation.

We’re a cost leader for businesses in the Midwest and around the U.S. According to KPMG’s 2014 study of the nation’s most competitive cities for business, our cost of doing business index is 94.3 overall—more than 5 percent less than the U.S. baseline.

Digital Services 90.1
R&D 86.2
Corporate Services 84.4
Manufacturing Sector 97.2

Save your business money. Locate or expand, here.

Our region boasts a motivated and high-quality available workforce, lower than average labor costs, and an advantageous location at the crossroads of America by road and rail.

More than 40,000 businesses have chosen us to call home – and with numbers like these, there’s no question as to why.

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