Candidate Academy

If you can give these answers:

  • “I feel called to run for elected office because ____________.”
  • “I am qualified – and excited – to run because ____________.”
  • “I believe I am destined to make an impact by ____________.”

We can tackle these questions:

  • How do I get started?
  • How do I organize a campaign?
  • How do I craft my political vision?

The Chamber’s Candidate Academy was founded to help potential candidates step forward, immerse in the political process and seek elected office.

We’re eager to educate and assist people:

  • Who aren’t afraid to engage and make the difficult decision
  • Who can see the bigger picture
  • Who want their neighbors and the business community to thrive

Let us help instill the confidence and the knowledge you need to campaign and serve successfully. Political labels aren’t our concern – just your passion to make an impact. Sessions are facilitated bipartisanly.

If you have answers you believe in, we can tackle the questions.

Questions? Jennifer Creager, director – Public Policy, 402-474-4960