Best Places to Work in Omaha®

Described by most businesses as their most important asset, people are also the best resource for information about employee satisfaction and engagement. The Best Places to Work in Omaha ® initiative taps into this first-hand knowledge to determine the top area employers. These companies are then recognized at an annual luncheon.

As part of the program, employees of participating businesses take an online survey via a secure website, answering a variety of questions about their work, the workplace environment, co-workers, supervisors and management, opportunities and aspirations, experiences and expectations.

In addition to determining the top employers, results of the Best Places to Work in Omaha survey also provide employers the feedback they need to make continuous improvements and identify areas of strength and weakness.

We applaud the 2019 winners!

Companies with 25 to 200 employees:

  1. Object Partners
  2. Vetter Health Services, Inc.
  3. Verdant
  4. Flywheel
  5. RTG Medical

Companies with more than 200 employees:

  1. Buildertrend
  2. Signature Performance
  3. Thrasher, Inc.
  4. Olsson
  5. Verizon Media

Sustained Excellence

C&A Industries, Inc.
Prime Time Healthcare LLC

The Best Places to Work in Omaha is founded by Baird Holm LLP, sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber and administered by Quantum Workplace.

For more information about the Omaha Best Places to Work in Omaha, contact Laurie Pieper, director – human resources.

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