I can feel it!

When I was a kid, my dad and some of his friends decided to try their hands at owning Thoroughbred racehorses. Now, understand, these were not Churchill Downs-caliber horses. These horses were meant to run at Detroit-area race courses. They typically participated in, what were then called “claiming races,” which meant for a specific amount of money (in this case $2,500) anyone could buy the horse following the race. My mother contended, and she was right, that this was just one more frivolous way to spend money—making it more difficult to put food in six hungry kids’ mouths. My dad always responded that as long as the horses paid their own way, it was just a harmless pastime.

The good news is that over the few years that the horses were “ours,” two good things happened. First, the horses did pay for themselves, and dad broke even before he got out of the business. (Don’t think mom ever really believed that!) Second, we kids got the chance to go to the track and watch them race, which was a lot of fun.

What I liked the most was the anticipation. At the training site the week before the race, when strategies were being discussed and final preparations for the race were being made, you could feel excitement in the air! At the track the day of the race, even the horses got excited; you could see it in their eyes. Their whinny. They wanted to run!

Then, on the track, warming up. Getting in the gate. The bell rings, and, boom! Thousands of pounds of horses running around the track for the glory of being first on that day. And, if the track conditions were right, and lady luck was on our side, we would win…which felt awesome! It was exciting from start to finish.

That is the feeling I have now. Formulating our response to COVID-19 has been a lot of work. It is stressful. It is mind numbing. It doesn’t seem to have an end. But, that is where I think the tide is turning. Many companies are actively planning for what is next. Some have even reopened with the blessing of the government. More really want to if they can do so safely and profitably.

And, so, the preparation for the race begins. We can plan for success. We can make modifications in advance of a staged reopening. We can acquire the materials we will need to keep our employees and customers safe. And, when the time is right, the bell will go off, and we will be off to the races, getting our balance sheets back in line and getting our lives back on an even plane.

If we want to do more than just wander back into business, we have to plan for it, train for it, anticipate it and then burst out of the gate when the time is right. Get ready. It will take a little time to do that, but we’ll get past surviving and get right back to thriving. In the WE RISE Economic Recovery Plan, the chamber has provided everything you need to plan for your success. We’ve provided the resources, so you can act on those plans. The winner’s circle awaits. Doesn’t the anticipation feel good?

Be safe. Plan ahead. Let us know if we can help.


We Rise: Economic Recovery Plan

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